Cop Union Comparing Baltimore Protests To A “Lynch Mob,” Adding Fuel To The Fire. “In fact, the images seen on television look and sound much like a lynch mob in that they are calling for the immediate imprisonment of these officers without them ever receiving the due process that is the constitutional right of every citizen, including law enforcement officers,” said the Baltimore Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3 in a statement this morning.

That analogy resulted in immediate judgement and criticism. In 1950, the phrase ‘lynch mob’ was originated during the Civil War era. An era where mob killings or lynching against African Americans and other minorities killed a total of 4,000 in the South.

John Cotton tweeted this photo last night with the caption:

Which one is the #LynchMob again?

In the photo posted by Cotton, you see a calm Baltimore protest along side photos during Gray’s arrest. It speaks for itself.

Andrew O’Connell, an attorney of the Gray family commented, “The choice of words is not only ironic, it’s sad.”

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Source : CNN


There are a power in numbers and it is showing in the protest for Freddie Gray, Baltimore resident who died inb April due to injuries sustained from the police force. Since then Maryland Law Enforcement has announced that they will be opening an investigation on the 25-year-old’s death.

On Tuesday [April 21], Gray’s parents joined protesters at the police department for their son Freddie Gray. As protesters chanted “No justice, no peace,” Gray’s mother, Gloria Darden shed tears to the point of collapsing. Protesters returned to scene of the exchange between Gray and the six officers and plan to hit up City Hall in Baltimore on Thursday.

Thursday’s protest will most likely be a hectic one, especially since news that five of the six arresting officers have given statements to investigators. “They have completely cooperated with the investigation from Day 1,” Michael Davey, an attorney for the officers involved, told reporters. “There is a Supreme Court case that states that if you are in a high-crime area, and you flee from the police unprovoked, the police have the legal ability to pursue you, and that’s what they did,” he said. “In this type of an incident, you do not need probable cause to arrest. You just need a reasonable suspicion to make the stop.” Justifying.

Right now statements have not been released and photos of Lt. Brian Rice, 41, who joined the department in 1997; Officer Caesar Goodson, 45, who joined in 1999; Sgt. Alicia White, 30, who joined in 2010; Officer William Porter, 25, who joined in 2012; Officer Garrett Miller, 26, who joined in 2012; and Officer Edward Nero, 29, who joined in 2012 will not be released for their safety.

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