If You’re Not Hip To The Battle Rap Scene URL TV Can Be Dubbed The Founding Father Of This Cult Like Sport Of Adversaries That Clash With Word Play And Word Schemes That Would Have You Thinking And Screaming “Oooooh SH*T” The Aggression And The Style Of These Individuals Are More Then Just Someone Who Can Spit Bars. This Side Of Rap Is A Different Beast Where You Must Be Built With Thick Skin And Make Sure You Never Lack Focus Especially Against An Opponent Whose Been Crowned A Champion. Some Of These Guys Will Get As Personal As Diss Your State Or Neighborhood Some Even Get So Deep To Throw Shade On Your Dead Folks. Again Thick Skin In This Battle World Because That Will Determine The Lion From The Sheep.



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As I Watched These 3 Battles I’ve Came To The Conclusion That Times Are Changing New Blood Will Hit The Game And Try To Reign Supreme Against Those That Helped Pioneer This Battle Rap Culture, BUT! For Those Who Are Very Familiar With Battle Rap Or Those Who Claim To Be Battle Rap Enthusiasts (Raises Hand) Know That This Rookies Vs Vets Event Was Going To Be Very Controversial Considering URL Events Are Never Judged Unless Its By The Consumers In The Youtube Comments Somewhere Debating Who Took What Round Or Which May Have Been Debatable. Now I Have My Thoughts Just Like Anyone Else And I’m Going To Keep It Short And Sweet. First Battle DNA Took It 2-1 Round 2 May Be Debatable, Second Battle Was A Bit Surprising To Me Because Of How Strong The Rookie Brizz Came And Took Control Also I Felt Like Maybe Aye Verb Took Him A Little To Lightly, Third Battle To Me Was Probably The Most Interesting Between Saga And Suge Because Of The Two Talking About Their Opposing Religions, It Kind Of Reminded Me Of When Murda Mook Schooled Iron Solomon On His Own Religion, But Again These Are My Opinions On These Battles So Why Dont You Go Check Em Out For Yourself