Walmart Couples Arrest for 57 Blocks of Cheese
Looks like retail giant Wal-Mart has decided to get their hands in the billion dollar weave, extension, and wig business. They have expanded the hair care products that are available in their online store to now include a variety of wigs, weaves, and bundle packs. Really Tho…Walmart Weave?? Check out photos and pricing after the jump.

Wal-mart customers are now able to purchase Brazilian Remy Human hair wigs and Brazilian Virgin Remy Body Wave Bundles at Now the selection is still very limited but the prices are poppin’. They have a Brazilian Body Wave bundle pack which includes 6 bundles (3 different lengths) and a lace closure all for $110. The bundle pack has already sold out online but customers can sign up for alerts to be notified when new shipment has arrived. Also don’t forget to check out their newly added wigs which include free shipping. Ladies what do you think are you ready to start ordering your bundles from one stop shop Wal-mart??

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