Bruce Jenner breaks silence about his gender identity.This newly updated story reveals that Bruce Jenner no longer claims male and has confirmed a new identity.This is a really big subject to America and the LGBT community.


65-year-old Bruce Jenner, stated that he had always been confused about who he was and his identity.He sat down with Diane Sawyer and said he was a woman and was comfortable that way.Jenner stated that he still has his male parts but is consciously female.Jenner is undergoing a transition that will make him permanently female.LGBT advocates really have been waiting on this day in anticipation.Also,straight people and civilians want to get a clear cut understanding of transgender persons.

Jenner stated:

“Yes for all intents and purposes,I’m a woman.”

Hopefully this will give the masses a better understanding of Bruce Jenner’s conversion.LGBT people make a great population out of American society and deserve so much respect.In society some transgender people are ridiculed and bashed for their beliefs.Lot’s of Transgender people are usually discriminated when it comes to employment.Jenner is making the path smooth for future LGBT people to come up.People can use this publicized event as a step towards equality.Stay tuned for more information on this story on CNN News.

Source: CNN