There’s something seriously wrong with you if you don’t like Paula Patton; she’s sweet but sexy and modest while confident. The actress and ex wife of legendary singer Robin Thicke stopped by the Meredith Vieira show to talk all things womanhood, including feeling like a “woman” for the very first time.

Emery Childs

Most would assume that nothing would make her feel more like a woman than snuggling up next to her R’n’B heartthrob hubby, Robin Thicke. But apparently, nothing makes Paula Patton feel more like a woman than her independence. As always she spoke whole heartedly about the recent adjustments she’s been experiencing like balancing work and motherhood, along with words on how she stay’s positive after divorce.

“It’s been a long year of changes but I’ve grown quite a bit and just getting used to change. I live in a place of gratitude.
In growing up I became- I moved from my parents house to moving in with Robin and now I’m becoming an adult. I’m really like a real woman not.”

The two had been an item since they were the tender age of 16 but after 10 years of marriage, they called it quits. This is the first time in Paula’s life that she is really providing for herself. Although the heart ache from breaking up with essentially her first boyfriend/ husband/ father of her only son is most likely immeasurable, getting in touch with her adult side has miss Patton feeling all types of thankful.

Check a clip of the interview below!

Source: Meredith Vieira Show