A male version of the very popular and entertaining Hooters will be opening in Dallas Texas.

Tallywackers is the name of the imitated version of Hooters that will have an all male host of servers. Tallywackers will serve as a bar, restaurant, and have live entertainment in the heart of Dallas, Texas. The menu will include foods such as pasta and burgers. Currently it does not say that menu will not serve our beloved Hooters famous wings yet.

Tallywackers will be more diverse then you may think. They welcome women and men. Wanting this new restaurant to be more of a relaxing experience for all. Even with all the controversy surrounding the restaurant. Of having all shirt-less male employees, Tallywackers will welcome everyone with open arms. Just as Hooters has for so many years. The restaurant will be a great way for aspiring models to pave their way in the industry. From being able to perform in the live entertainment acts. To perfecting your customer service skills.

The exact opening day has not been confirmed yet but it is set to make its duet next month. Right now Tallywackers will only be opening in Texas.

The women in Texas are all anticipating the grand opening. Tallywackers would be great for a nice girls night out or happy hour after work.