You may remember Natalie Nunn for her Bad Girls Club legacy and always voicing her opinion. Is Bad Girl Natalie Nunn Shading Blac Chyna ? It was said that she made a comment about Blac Chyna’s merchandise being sold on groupon asking about the coupon deals. She also posted a picture of Kylie saying how cute she is . Is Natalie Nunn team Kylie?

She posted a split screen photo of Blac Chyna & Kylie telling fans to state which team they were on. She cleared the air by saying she has no problem with Chyna she was merely just giving credit where it was do to the 17 year old successful model. Clearly all it will take is for Blac chyna to fire back at Natalie to get the Bad Girl all roweled up. Blac Chyna fans are currently on Natalie’s post telling her how she is no match and should shut her mouth.

Is the bad girl shading Blac Chyna? or is Natalie Nunn just being Natalie again doing anything for attention. Her famous phrase is “I Run L.A” , so its no surprise why she is 100% for the California dream girl Kylie. If you got to check out the instagram post of Tyga reaching out to Blac Chyna to Chyna to Blac Chyna taking shots in the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, we were hoping the war would die out. But the queen of instigation and manipulation made sure to keep it going. You can check out the picture of the post or go to Natalie Nunn’s instagram to see which team the fans are picking. Not even an hour later Natalie deletes the picture. Not fast enough !

The Dutchess