Amid a rough season where the Chicago Bulls seemed to lose a cog in their rotation every other week, they found a way to make the playoffs as the 2nd seed. Yet, according to people close to Tom Thibodeau, he expects to be fired at the end of the season. Being a coach in the NBA seems to be a tough job considering Scott Brooks was also fired after a string of long playoff runs.


Tom Thibodeau is known as a great defensive head coach who gets his players to play hard on both ends. But, he also has a reputation of sometimes driving his players to the ground by refusing to take them out of games for a breather at times. Despite Thibodeau’s success in the win-loss column, it seems as if the Chicago Bulls are growing weary of Thibodeau’s stubborn attitude.

It was reported that people close to Thib’s say that the Chicago Bull’s coach expects to be fired by the end of the season. Thibodeau has not been pleased with some of the firings of people on his staff and has not been shy to make his feelings clear to the media either. Whether or not Thibodeau is on the Bulls sideline next year, he is sure to receive plenty of interest on the open market by teams with openings at head coach. OKC, anyone?