Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie sat with world powers on Friday as special envoy for the U.N on refugee issues. Frustrated, Jolie criticized the council on their current paralysis to tackle the issues at hand that has kept Syria in critical condition. Want to see how Jolie put the world powers on blast? Find out more after the jump!

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Source: Associated Press | The Hollywood Reporter

“We cannot look at Syria, and the evil that has arisen from the ashes of indecision, and think this is not the lowest point in the world’s inability to protect and defend the innocent. We are standing by Syria” Jolie stated.

She expanded how disagreements between the powers have kept the U.N’s strength from being used and they need to finally “work as one”! Angelina has visited Syria a total of 11 times since the start of this horrific conflict and urges the council to go see the conditions for themselves.

“It is sickening to see thousands of refugees drowning on the doorstep of the world’s wealthiest continent. No one risks the lives of their children in this way except out of utter desperation.”
Jolie commented on the 1,300 migrants who have drowned trying to flee Syria in only the past 3 weeks.

Syria’s ambassador called her presence beautiful.

Beauty, brains and ambition. Angelina Jolie has proved yet again to be a triple threat!