Playoff basketball is here, and the Washington Wizards are leaving little doubt in everyones mind that they’re here to compete for a championship. Watch John Wall speed down the court for a fast break and finish against 3 Toronto Raptor defenders, then pumping his chest and screaming, “this is my city!” All while staring in the direction of Mr. Ovoxo himself, Drake, who was seated court side.


All the talk this series has been about Paul Pierce and his comments towards the Toronto Raptors, but John Wall has been allowing his play to do all the talking he needs. Scoring 19 points and dishing out 15 dimes, Wall propelled his team to 3-0 series lead over the struggling Toronto Raptors squad.

After being named the starting guard for the eastern conference in the all-star game, Wall seems to be finally getting the recognition he deserves as one of the best players in the NBA. Getting your team to the playoffs is no easy feat, but leading your team to victory in the playoffs is the next step in solidify your status in the NBA, and Wall is doing just that.

Wall never ceases to amaze with his acrobatic finishes, but he might just be saving his best work for the playoffs. Watch Wall spin through 3 defenders and finish at the basket in this video: