Video vixen Sophia Body is known for her pretty face and crazy curves, and has been linked to Nicki Minaj’s ex Safaree and Kobe Bryant. Many people don’t know that she became popular after dating rapper French Montana. In this interview she opens up about their relationship, talks about her encounter with Trina and why she prefers Khloe over Trina.

When asked about French, Sophia initially credits him for her popularity, but most importantly calls him the love of her life. According to Sophia, French has his issues, but he’s a good guy.  She admits that they have an on and off friendship but their strong connection will always be there. Which explains why French came to her for her thoughts on Khloe Kardashian.  She expresses that French and Khloe’s relationship is a good move for French, but it seems like she has the same question most of us have….Is it genuine?

One thing that was clear was the fact that Sophia doesn’t like Trina, for French at least. She credits this to an encounter that she had with Trina at 40/40. Sophia claims that her and French have such a spark that Trina immediately noticed and gave her ‘a stink look’. Nevertheless she’s glad the French-Trina phase is over and wishes French and Khloe the best of luck. Check out the interview below.

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Source: Vlad TV