Everyone Celebrated the 20th Anniversary of one of the worlds best and most powerful creations. Relying only on the Shuttle Program to push it further into orbit & having the luxury of not having jets, Hubber Craft is one of the cheapest and most resourceful inventions in history. Sounds perfect, .. not so much. NASA has now suspended the program in which gave it the extra push. Will that cause the Hubble Craft to actually hit Earth in 2024?

At a speed of 28 000 km/h the Hubble telescope is living in its final years of life. Already in this year some of the systems in the craft are useless. A lot of the world is clueless as to what is going on and some are really worried that this giant telescope can fall anywhere on the earth. Because of the size certain parts will not turn to debris by the time it reaches land causing big worry for major populated areas. Its only right we go out and bring it home.

Luckily, it was designed and shaped for the Shuttle Program to latch on and push it out further into space. So why not just go up there and grab it and stream it in? Well they almost had no intentions of evening doing so. It was the public outcry that made NASA even consider giving it another try. But is 2024 enough time for us to put together something strong enough to bring it back? I think the main question we should focus on at this point is … Will Hubble Craft Hit Earth in 2024?

The Dutchess