It was 4 little words that turned 19 year old, Zuri Davis’s world upside down…”I STAND WITH RAND”. The young lady who exclusively identifies herself as a republican has been attacked online for supporting The Republican Party all because she is Black.

Emery Childs

Zuri Davis is used to people being shocked when she admits she is a Republican. Some don’t understand how she can be a supporter of the Republican Party AND be a Black woman. Considering the Democratic Party is almost exclusively known for diversity and liberals often support government action to achieve equal opportunity and equality for all, some question that making the choice as a Black person, specifically a woman, deciding between Democrat and Republican shouldn’t be a tough choice to make. But needless to say, everyone has their different priorities and she says Rand Paul represents hers completely. It’s her choice, it’s her right to make the decision that’s right for her.

She’s an activist for the constitution and says young people are not being afforded their rights to it. Paul has made that a priority in his campaign. An online viewer saw Zuri’s support for Rand and decided excersize her “Freedom of Speech” by saying,

“A FEMALE AFRICAN AMERCIAN who is standing with Rand. She must not realize the platform. The fact he’s pretty much regarded as a racist, sexist, asshole along with the rest of his party.
Honey, honey, honey.”

The facebook comment was later taken down. Since then she has been also called an “Uncle Tom”. It’s unfortunate that identity politics still exist at this day in age. Zuri appeared on Fox and eloquently defended her political stance. Although she held her own as a young lady, it shouldn’t come to that.

It’s interesting that the person who harassed Zuri for exercising her right to support the candidate who best fits her needs, thinks in some way by being a Democrat, she’s making the “right choice” and the “only choice” that should be made by a Black woman. People select a candidate for many different reasons. Everyone has the right to make that choice, at the bare minimum. Not too long ago, Stacy Dash was tormented when she openly admitted she was a Republican. That wouldn’t be the most crazy thing anyones heard out of Stacy Dash’s mouth! Check out the video of Zuri defending her choice on Fox News below.

Source: Fox News