On this Sunday afternoon demonstrators were seen marching across the Brooklyn Bridge to receive fair treatment for officer Peter Liang. Who on November 21st of last year shot his service pistol in a darkend stairway inside a city housing complex that fatally struck and killed Akai Gurley.


This rally of demonstrators began at the Camden Park Plaza in Brooklyn. Protesters then began to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge heading into Chinatown. The march for the death of Akai Gurley has been in favor of the officer who shot him, who at the time was doing a “Violence reduction overtime detail” with his partner. They were doing a tour inside the Pink Houses complex and when entering a dimly lit up stairwell Gurley and his girlfriend had walked through the door a floor right below the officers which it was then that Officer Peter Liang had drawn his service pistol and fired one shot that ricocheted and struck Gurley. He was later taken to the hospital where he ended up dying due to his injuries Police Commissioner William Bratton called it a accidental discharge but stated that there will be further investigation. In February Officer Liang was indicted for Gurley’s death.