We can all thank Kanye West for Kim Kardashian being so understanding of her step-father’s decision to transition to a woman. According to Kayne his wise words to Kim come from his experience in the music biz.

During ‘The Interview’ Bruce Jenner got emotional while telling Diane Sawyer just how he told his each of his children his plans to be a transgender woman and just how each of them took the news. The former Olympian praised Kim K for being the most open about his choices.

“Kimberly has Been by far the most accepting,” Jenner added. “And the easiest to talk to about it.”

Kim has Kanye to thank for putting her in the right state of mind. Bruce opened up and explained just how she came to be so accepting.

“Kim told me a story,” Jenner told Sawyer. “She goes, ‘you know what really turned me around on thinking about this?’ I said, ‘what?’ She goes, ‘Kanye.’ I went, oh, okay. They were talking about it. And he says to Kim, ‘Look, I can be married to the most beautiful woman in the world. And I am. I can have the most beautiful little daughter in the world. I have that. But I’m nothing if I can’t be me. If I can’t be true to myself. They don’t mean anything.’

According to sources close to Kanye, the music mogul was referring to how felt while coming up in the rap game. Kanye, who is not afraid to be a little cocky, felt like he stood out while he was a rising star. He struggled to remain true to his real self and real interests. The rapper often felt like the executives were trying to mold him into something they could market, not who he actually was. Kanye told Kim that in the end the only thing that made him truly happy was standing up to the execs and being himself.

Good for you Ye!

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Source TMZ