We all remember the funny prank series “Punk’d” from Ashton Kutcher on MTV. Well we have good news, the show will be returning to day-time television. This time the show isn’t going back to MTV it will be coming to BET.

Black Entertainment Television is bring a slate of new shows to the television network. The original series first aired on MTV with prankster Ashton Kutcher in 2003-2007. Five years later it returned to MTV. The first return included pranks from stars like Justin Beiber, as well as Ashton. This is the second time the show will be making a return to television. BET has not mentioned if this return will include Ashton Kutcher. I wonder who will be pulling the pranks for the new and improved series. What we do know is that this time it will include more behind the scenes action, showing us the whole process of pranks. Punk’d will be joining other shows like “Chasing Destiny,” which is a singing competition produced by Kelly Rowland.

Written By: Golden Brown
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