_Woman Holds Record For 7ft Long Hair In India

Smita Srivastava, 37, currently holds the record for the longest hair in India. Her hair is 7 feet long and it has made her a local celebrity. She has hopes of becoming a Guinness World Record holder. Check out the photos in the gallery of her super long hair, as well as a video and read more on the story after the jump!

Smita Srivastava holds many awards for the length of her hair and she currently holds the record for having the longest hair in India in the Limca Book of Records. Her hair is now 7ft which is more than three inches longer than the height of the average basketball player. She says, “Whenever I go out shopping to the market people admire me and they come and talk to me, asking me how I have such long hair…Women and kids come and touch my hair thinking that it’s fake hair…But after realizing it is original hair, they say “you are lucky” and that my hair is “so good and long.” Srivastava goes on to say that people always come up to her and ask to touch her hair to see if its fake.

She says she has had a passion for growing her hair ever since she was a child and her family supports her. She is also a brand ambassador for many local oil products and is a regular jury member at a major beauty contest in her hometown. Smita Srivastava still has a little way to go before knocking down the current female Guinness World Record holder of the longest hair. Xie Qiuping of China has held the record since 2004 after her hair was measured at 18ft 5.54in (5.627m).

Check out the photos in the gallery of Smita Srivastava’s 7ft long hair and a video below!

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