I guess it is safe to say that Jason Kidd is pretty legit at the head coaching position. In Saturday’s Game 4 against the Bulls, Kidd forces a Game 5 by drawing up a risky play that left Derrick Rose lost.

In his premier run with the Brooklyn Nets, Jason Kidd, managed to keep them above a .500 record and even got them to the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. Thats a pretty big deal for a rookie coach if you ask me. As we know though, Kidd, parted ways with the Nets after not getting the operations title he was after in the front office. No big deal though!

Kidd gladly took an offer from the Milwaukee Bucks that landed him a new head coaching spot. This guy immediately began to let his basketball genius shine as he transformed the franchise’s worst team to date to a .500 squad. Let’s fast forward to the playoffs. The Bucks entered the playoffs at the 6th place spot and have to face the Chicago Bulls in the first round.


What looked like a sure sweep by the Chicago Bulls turned out to be Kidd’s basketball genius showing again. With 1.3 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Kidd draws up an “all-in” play where Jared Dudley beams the ball toward the paint and this is where Jerryd Bayless cuts to the rack and beats D. Rose for a quick lay up, avoids overtime, and forces a Game 5.

Jason Kidd doesn’t give the credit to himself though; but, he instead praises Jared Dudley for having the heart to make a crazy pass. Much respect to Jason Kidd as he is showcasing that he does have good basketball I.Q and can make lemonade out of the worst possible situation–that being the Bucks from 2013-14.


Source: Journal Sentinel