(Update)- Earlier, we reported that Kevin Love exited the game in the first quarter of Game 4 against The Boston Celtics after suffering what appeared to be a shoulder injury. Love and Kelly Olynyk of the Celtics were battling for a rebound where some excessive grabbing went down and at which point, Kevin Love’s shoulder was injured.

(Update): ESPN is now reporting that Kevin Love has dislocated his shoulder; however, no word on whether or not Love will be available for the remaining games in the 2015 playoffs. The Cavs went on to defeat the Celtics in a wire to wire showdown where they swept the team in four games; outscoring them 101-93. Stay tuned for new developments surrounding the severity of the injury and whether or not he will be returning this season.

Kevin Love also takes a few shots at Kelly Olynyk saying that he figures the dirty play was intentional, “I thought it was a bush-league play. I have no doubt in my mind that he did it on purpose.” Love could be right though as this entire series was pretty physical. Kendrick Perkins was Tee’d up after making unnecessary contact with Crowder of the Celtics. J.R. Smith was also ejected from the game after he smacked Crowder in the face! I guess LeBron could not deal with the defense Crowder was providing and sent his squad to put in some extra curricular work.

With the series on the line, LeBron James and the Cavaliers look to sweep The Boston Celtics to gain to some much needed rest. Early in the game though, Kevin Love leaves the floor with an apparent shoulder injury.

In the first few minutes of the opening quarter, Kevin Love and Kelly Olynyk battle for a rebound and this is where Kevin Love gets hurt. Kevin Love was seen, grabbing at his shoulder and he immediately runs off of the court and heads to the locker room. At this point it is not clear what the magnitude of the injury is; however, it could not have come at a worst time as the Cavs are seeking to close out this series today.

The Play That Sent Love To The Locker Room…

ESPN/ABC is reporting that Kevin Love will not be returning to the game but doctors have not yet diagnosed the seriousness of the injury. How much will this impact this team going forward? It is probably safe to say that most of the production–at least in this Game 4–will come from the likes of LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. Love is definitely a crucial piece in the Cavs’ success and will definitely be needed going forward, especially if they are to make it out of the first round against the Celtics.

Stay tuned for updates on this developing situation!

Source: ESPN