Soccer may not be too popular in the States but it is definitely acclaimed throughout the world. If you’ve ever watched a soccer match, you know they can get intense but that would be an under statement for this Red Star and Partizan match. Click more to view the video!

Before the match could even start, police were breaking up brawls and even retreating from fans and letting the chaos play out because they were being attacked with stadium chairs and home-made flares. At one point, fans were throwing torches around–some of which landed on the field–and this caused the event to be holted again. How was this match even still able to be played? The tolerance overseas is very high it seems because I can’t imagine this playing out in the States.

The torches that fans began to light filled the stadium with smoke and caused it to look like a war scene from a movie. Further, the Associated Press reports that 50 fans have been injured, 40 fans were arrested, and 20 police officers were treated due to clashes with the fans.

Eventually, the match was able to continue (Again, I don’t know how) but neither team scored a goal. That was probably for the best though because the riot would have most likely started up again and spilled outside as fans were exiting.


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