The new Attorney General Loretta Lynch was sworn into office today. After a delayed confirmation Vice President Biden was happy to administer the oath for Mrs. Loretta Lynch.”If there is anything you need to know about Loretta Lynch, it’s that she has excelled at everything she has done,” Biden said. Lynch is now the chief law enforcement officer of the United States of America. As tension is rising with the minority community and law enforcement officials Lynch will play a major role in bringing our country to justice.

Although Lynch didn’t specifically address the death of Freddie Gray she made it clear it was time for change and that anything was possible. “We are all just here for a time — whether in this building or even on this earth,” Lynch said. “But the values we hold dear will live on long after we have left this stage. Our responsibility, while we are here, is to breathe life into them; to imbue them with the strength of our convictions and the weight of our efforts. “I know this can be done,” she said. “Because I am here to tell you, if a little girl from North Carolina who used to tell her grandfather in the fields to lift her up on the back of his mule, so she could see ‘way up high, granddaddy,’ can become the chief law enforcement officer of the United States of America, then we can do anything.”

Lynch is the first African-American women to hold the position as Attorney General. Congratulations to her, especially of having such an amazing track record. We hope and pray for change to come to this country.

Written By: Golden Brown
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Loretta Lynch Confirmed As Attorney General