Usher and Wiz Khalifa have quite a lot in common. These two mainstream industry folk both tampered with a couple well known gorgeous women. Rico Love recently grabbed these two artist for his “somebody Else” remix.


Rico Love who is a gem in the R&B game, knows a lot about women. The singer contributed straight facts with “B***hs Be Like” and “They Don’t Know”. This new song by Rico is going to be fire when Wiz Khalifa and Usher are tagged along. The recently divorced rapper still got some unfinished business with the sensual Amber Rose. Usher been doing his thing for some time and made a couple songs relevant to the topic.

Usher can contribute a lot since he been with one of the band members from TLC. Usher and Wiz really shed light on their past experiences. In this remix, Usher does admit that he wants his ex Tameka to be really happy. Wiz Khalifa dishes on his past flame, Amber Rose. Wiz proclaims that he seriously regrets the breakup between them both and honestly wants things to work out. You guys really have to pay attention to this song’s premiere. I mean Robin Thicke did dedicate a whole album to Paula Patton and she completely faded him !
Let’s hope this remix helps for the better !
Source: BallerAlert