jada pinkett

Since the funeral of Freddie Gray, the streets of Baltimore has been filled with chaos. Angry protestors have turned violent in an all out war between citizens and police authorities. Many celebrities have spoken out on the riots. We have heard from Carmelo Anthony and Meek Mill, to name a few. Now, Jada Pinkett Smith has delivered a powerful message, expressing her view amidst all the chaos.

Jada took to her Facebook page Monday night to reach out to angry protesters and rioters in Baltimore. She expressed that she understands their frustration and agrees that their voices should be heard, but believes their methods are only making matters worst.

Jada went on to say that the rioters’ violence is only making it difficult for onlookers to identify who are the victims and who are the perpetrators. As things continue to worsen in the streets of Baltimore, we are seeing a mixed force of unity and destruction. Our prayers go out to the people of Baltimore. What do you think about Jada’s message? See the gallery for full statement.

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