All the events in the recent weeks that lead to the riots in Baltimore have been unfortunate. For those of us who are not directly in the midst of the chaos, it is hard not to immediately believe what is being reported. The police issued a statement saying that bloods and crips have come together to harm police officers. In this video several gang members discredit the officers’ statement.

“We did not make that truce to harm cops” one man said. He expressed that the police gave media outlets the impression that Bloods, Crips, and The Black Guerrilla Family came together in violent efforts to harm them. Instead, the gang members featured in the video below paint a totally different picture. “Stop what’s going on.. That’s all we wanna do”, a gang member said. They have been in the streets of Baltimore trying to convince people that the violent action be taken not only makes blacks look bad as a whole, but confirms what people have been saying about them. This is a side of the riots we don’t see much of. See the full video below.

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