President Barack Obama lives in Washington D.C and recently played pickup basketball with the Wizards.  But he’s from Chicago.  So if he had to choose between the Wizards and the Bulls who is he rocking with?

The President’s heart is still with Chicago.

via The Wall Street Journal:

if, down the road, the playoffs produce a Wizards-Bulls showdown, Mr. Obama, in an interview with the Journal, left no doubt where his loyalties lie.

“I think it’s fair to say any time the Bulls are playing I’m rooting for the Bulls,” he said. “Bulls all the way, that’s how we roll.”

In order to get a Bulls-Wizards conference finals, Chicago would have to beat the Bucks and then the Cavaliers, and the Wizards would have to beat the winner of the Hawks/Nets series.  It’s plausible considering the Bulls still have the upper hand on Milwaukee, and if they advance, Cleveland is playing without Kevin Love. The Wizards are rolling, and Atlanta looks vulnerable.  But we’ll see.

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