So we are talking way back! Before Lil Wayne picked her up and made her one of the biggest faces in Hip Hop on Young Money Records. According to an old friend of Nicki Minaj, the Queens rapper was on the run over a attempted murder charge. Hop into the post for all the details and the exclusive interview with 7even up! #IFWT!

So before teaming up on Young Money, Nicki Minaj was a member of the Hoodstars rap group, along with former boyfriend Safaree Samuels, Lou$tar and 7even Up.

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The Former group member 7even Up recently spoke with Forbez DVD Radio about the group and what his relationship was like with the lead Barbie herself. 7even Up revealed that very soon after she made her deal with Young Money , Nicki Minaj completely ignored him and pretended not to know who he was.7even Up made another old reveal during the interview when he stated that Nicki Minaj was on the run for attempted murder!

Here is what 7even Up had to say :

“When I saw her she acted like she didn’t even know me. That’s how I felt,” 7even Up said, according to AllHipHop.com. “I was like at least acknowledge me. It hurt more than anything…Sometimes people give you money to get rid of you. So now I can’t say she didn’t do nothing for me. I didn’t even wanna take the money. That was not the purpose…She was on the run for attempt murder. Facts. I’ll keep it a buck. I ain’t saying nothing wrong. She stayed at my crib at the time.”

Before 7even Up spoke on being neglected by Nicki Minaj , he was talking about the early days of Hoodstars. According to 7even Up , Nicki Minaj wasn’t even rapping when the group first formed.

Here is what Nicki’s Former groupmate had to say :

“She literally wasn’t even rapping at the time,” he said. “She just started out like that day prior. We met and we knocked out a record that day. And then Safaree came along…She’s always been aggressive and hands on. And I ain’t with it. It was more like a brother/sister relationship. You know who we used to get compared to? Da Band. Making The Band…We just grew apart, man…We all had our issues. Me? I couldn’t stay outta jail at the time. So, that was my downfall. Nicki used to mess up all the time. We’ll be doing shows. She’ll mess up.”

Check Out the entire Forbez interview with 7even Up below and tell us what you think on the whole situation. #IFWT