_Did Young Thug Propose To His Girlfriend Jerrika Karlae
Young Thug has a very suspect reputation with just about every single thing he does. After recently getting booed on stage in Louisiana, he’s still catching heat yet again. In light of the unfortunate situation occurring in Baltimore at the moment, Thugger Thugger decided to put in his two cents about the riots. In the Instagram video, YT says, “War, rage, chaos is the only thing needed in Baltimore. I wish I was from there better yet, I wish I was there. I would go 730 with everyone out there, I promise. F*ck the cops. Black lives matter. Pray for my people.”

Apparently a week ago, Thugger said something along the lines of him thinking the government should handle the situation. That being said, the people started to go in on him for flip flopping. One commenter said, “Omg kill it before it lays eggs. This muthaf*cka irritates my soul. Just a few months ago when they asked him about Eric Garner this bastard said it wasn’t his business but now you wanna go joe hammington. Have several seats and a damn bath or five while you at it.”

I know everyone has their own opinion but I do not see how MORE violence is solving anything but hey, that’s just me. Check out the video of Young Thug commenting on the situation below.

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