Miley Cyrus pink armpit hair seemed to have caused a really big stir on instagram between Thursday and Friday. It’s no shock to us when it comes to wild Miley, we are all used to her crazy rock star ways. But could there be a meaning behind Miley Cyrus pink armpit hair? Rumors are surfacing that she started to post unusually sexy pictures in hopes to turn on ex boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger.

By unusually sexy pictures I mean a clear view of her pubic hair. Like legit beneath the bikini line. As if Miley Cyrus pink armpit hair wasn’t enough the 22 year old legend sported very low cut jeans and full view of underwear so low exposing a view of her you know what. Although it was said a few days ago that Miley was seen with former fiance Liam Hemsworth. Although her and Patrick were only together 5 months it seems she is speeding on with her life as usual. But what are the pink pits all about?

Everyone has came to the same conclusion, its the weekend and why not. The dirty hippie as she calls herself had nothing else better to do but to bleach her pits. My concern is what’s with all the hair? But to each’s own. Miley Cyrus pink armpit hair sure got a lot of attention in a short amount of time. What’s next for Hanna Montana gone wild ? “Pank” , as she called it is the new wave for Miley fans. Miley fans with enough armpit hair to bleach that is. We will have to wait and see if any of the ex’s in her love life triangle had a reaction for the “Pank” panther and her wild antics.

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