There is only one NBA regular season award left to hand out and it is the biggest one of them all. THE MVP has basically become a two man race between Steph Curry & James Harden. Opinions are divided, everyone thinks they make the best case for their guy to win and it should be one of the closer votes in recent memory. Votes were turned in by April 14th, so essentially the winner has already been declared, just not announced. Well you can count Kobe Bryant as someone who would throw his vote behind Harden over Curry.


Kobe Bryant chimed in on the debate with Michael Yo of Yahoo’s The Insider and gave his pick of who he believes should win the award this season, via The Beast 980:

Bryant explained to Yo, “That is a tough call, you have James [Harden] who has been playing consistent all through the season. Steph [Curry], who has been doing phenomenal things. That is a tough call for me but I would have to say James [Harden].”

He goes on to say, “[James Harden] had to keep that team afloat. I think the team actually got better, when he went down. Which is hard to do. So I think with the responsibilities he had to deal with this season I’d vote James [Harden].”

He basically says what everyone says about Harden, but when it comes from someone the status of Kobe, people listen. Curry has had a great season, but Harden had to do much more with less and still has his Rockets in contention for everything. Most people believe the Warriors would have still been decent without Curry, while the Rockets would have completed folded without Harden.

We shall see what the voters thought.