This is definitely a start. The Obama Administration announced today on the heels of the Freddie Gray protests that it is granting $20 Million dollars to local police departments to be used for body cameras. Read more to find out about Obama’s $75 Million dollar plan to roll out body cameras across America.

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The Justice Department announced today that it will providing 20 Million dollars for body camera the first of a 3 year installment which was budgeted at 75 million dollars. This announcement comes right after the utter dismay and turmoil of the citizens in protest of the police brutality used in the murder of Freddie Gray. The 20 million is the first step federally to help monitor the officers of the law in this country. That money is a small amount in the scope of things but will provide funding for about 11,000 body cameras.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest stated “Of the $20 million grant announced Friday, the Justice Department said $17 million will be devoted to the purchase of body-worn cameras, $2 million for training and technical assistance and $1 million for the development of evaluation tools to study best practices.”

Newly appointed Attorney General Loretta Lynch said “Body-worn cameras hold tremendous promise for enhancing transparency, promoting accountability and advancing public safety for law enforcement officers and the communities they serve”

With the constant instances of police brutality seen in America today citizens are demanding that law enforcement wear body cameras to be held more accountable for their actions and use of their power. Their has been statements from the American Civil Liberties Union that body cameras may invade the privacy of officers. Regardless this move by the Federal government shows their increased support in this controversial technology. No one can no for sure how effective police body cameras will be until more law enforcement start wearing them.

Source: The Verge