At one point, the National Security Administration ,was and to some, still is an invisible hand in the United States government. I would say, a pioneer of promotions, Jessica Rosenblum is analogous to the quasi omnipotent agency. Largely, due to the unseen influence they both share in their respective industries. The talented and intelligent woman is a “mover and shaker “ in the entertainment world, and many would not recognized the instrumental contributions she makes, specifically to the Hip-Hop culture.

She waitressed and watched the front door at the famous Nell’s nightclub on west 14th street near eighth avenue in New York City. This spot was where rock stars, Wall Street traders, models, artists, and people who loved to be around them, hung out in the mid-1980s. Andy Warhol, Mick Jagger and many more frequented, and Jessica Rosenblum used this opportunity to her advantage, brushing shoulders with powerful people from Harlem to Hollywood. Her vision and tenacity dictated her moves and maneuvers, which catapulted her to legendary status. Talib Kweli once interned for her and Lyor Cohen asks for her input on various subjects. She’s definitely a power player that we should all get to know more. One day, the pioneer of promotions will be recognized for what she has done for the culture. And why you ask? Because she eats and breathes Hip-Hop. I know Mr TATWZA agrees.


A pioneer of promotions and/or the princess of promotions, Jessica Rosenblum is closely associated with Peter Gatien and also helped sculpture the illustrious careers of Sean “D-Diddy” Combs and our own Funk Master Flex.

She will be in attendance uptown in the Bronx at Mansion Friday May 1, 2015. Hot97’s DJ ESTYLEZ will be on the ones and twos.

Source: Jessica Rosenblum