This game was just all kinds of ugly last night. While many people were focused on the NFL draft, game six of the series between the Bucks and Bulls was happening and based on recent play, the Bucks had the momentum coming in. The Bulls killed that noise real early as they were up by more than 30 at halftime and wound up winning by 54!


Games involving lopsided loses are usually the ones that can have an altercation happen at the drop of a hat. Emotions are running high, egos are involved and sometimes things just boil over.

That is exactly what happened here as Giannis Antetokounmpo literally made a full court sprint directly for Mike Dunleavey before shoulder blocking him into the front row. The play looked really dirty but the play just before it down the court it appeared Dunleavey may have hit Giannis in the face himself. Due to the score and everyone knowing the game was already over, Giannis wasn’t going to go out like that and gave Dunleavey a shot before getting ejected and watching his season end.