For many, this weekend is a big one. We know that for sports, life will be luxurious, however, for Wiz Khalifa he gets to celebrate something else pretty exciting; his debut performance on Saturday Night Live.

In the sketch-comedy show’s latest promo it is a Wiz Khalifa Vs. Scarlett Johansson Vs. Cecily Strong battle of who has the most tattoos. After mentioning her failed attempt at racist jokes during the White House Correspondents Dinner, Strong decides she would like to see who has the most tattoos of the three. Well all know who takes the cake.

JaaiR (JR)
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Strong has three, Johansson has seven while Mr. Wiz has a total of 411 ink jobs. And the winner is…

Although this is clearly the wrong day to be on, or even watching Saturday Night Live. One word … VEGAS … at minimum you should DVR Johansson hosting SNL and Wiz performing his Charlie Puth-assisted single “See You Again” from the Furious 7 soundtrack.