Created in 1970, The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is to be watchful and establish laws for the betterment of the environment. Not be wilfully negligent with sexual misconduct at the agency or watchful of pornography during operation hours. Mr. Trey Gowdy castigated the EPA for its lack of disciplinary actions for improper execution of power or a lack thereof.

Peter Jutro is reported to have sexually harassed 17 women while working with the environmental agency. Last year Jutro was tapped to lead the EPA’s Office of Homeland Security, and many are wondering how this individual was able to receive a promotion, let alone still be on payroll. Strangely, Jutro was allowed to keep his position and eventually retired before speaking with investigators. The EPA Spokeswoman Liz Purchie said agency finally made a quick move to unseat Jutro, after sexual misconduct with an intern. And, two other employees are accused of viewing pornography at the workplace, including one who was witnessed by a child, but they, also, remained paid at the agency. Office of Inspector General (OIG) Jason Chaffet says, “the EPA and others, we have a duty and obligation to the American taxpayer to fire the people who are abusing the system”. I wonder what EPA employees were thinking while watching pornography at work?


The agency received harsh criticism from the House Oversight Committee for the delay in corrective action, but the system does work in certain cases. Back in 2013, an employee was fired after an internal investigation occurred, and the person was sentenced to serve time in prison. Sadly, others were allowed to keep jobs after admitting faults. One former employee says they watched porno up to six hours a day at work.

The Hill highlights Elijah Cummings saying,”the agency needs to clean up the confusion” setting an end of May deadline for the agency and the OIG to develop a better coordination plan for dealing with employee misconduct.”Something is missing, and we are better than this. We are so much better, and if you can’t do the job, you need to let someone else in there to do it”. We shouldn’t have to hear ridiculous stories of government employees watching pornography at the job.