Money Manziel, the guy that many loved to hate during his rookie season with the Cleveland Browns, seems to truly be future of the organization. With the NFL Draft coming to a close, The Cleveland Browns had ample opportunities to draft a rookie quarter back but they decided not to. What does the really mean for Manziel? Click more to read the story!

It is definitely no secret that the rookie year of the famed “Money Manziel” was a rollercoaster to say the least. Besides not doing to great on the field in his rookie season, a lot of the flack that Johnny caught was centered around his life off the field. A 20-21 year old rookie that just walked into millions after leaving college probably would have some trouble balancing his personal and professional life and that is exactly what happend with Johnny.

Realizing that his lifestyle was ultimately becoming detrimental to the Browns organization, Johnny checked into a rehabilitation center and cleaned some things up. I’m guessing this is what his saving grace was in the eyes of the Browns organization because with the 2015 NFL Draft coming and going, the opted not to draft any quarter backs. Undoubtedly, the most important position on the field, the Browns seem to be putting all of their trust into Manziel and are set to go forward with building around him.

Around the start of the season, the Cleveland Browns did sign a 35 year old back up quarter back in Josh McCown and this definitely another sign that they are set on moving forward with Johnny as the face of the franchise. This could be a great thing for the Browns though. Keeping in mind that Johnny actually has potential to be an elite quarterback in the league but he also did take a step in repairing his life in order to take the next step in his on the field career. A mature step in which the Browns organization were definitely looking for from Manziel.


Source: Bleacher Report