The excitement that the Mayweather family felt after watching Floyd be crowned as Champion for the 48th time in a row was definitely evident as they exited the MGM Grand Arena. In an impromptu interview, Mama Mayweather chimes in on her thoughts of Manny Pacquiao. Click more to view the video!

If you watched, “Inside Mayweather/Pacquiao” then you probably saw one of Floyd’s exes mention that she feels no different going into this fight against Pacquiao. Her reasoning behind not feeling any different was simply that she has heard it all before, “Every few years they always talk about this guy who is supposed to take Floyd down and he doesn’t…” and well, she was right. I guess Floyd’s grandmother felt the same way about Pacquiao because she thinks Pac-Man needs to apologize for “talking sh!t” and losing.

Mama Mayweather On Pacquiao…

When Floyd’s grandmother was asked if she thinks he and Pacquiao can be friends after this fight, she flat out says, “He got to apologize…he talked all kinds of shit…” and she didn’t stop there while coming at Pac-Man’s neck. She insists that Floyd never took drugs a day in his life but she was not too sure about “that other guy,” Pacquiao.

Interesting she would say that considering one of the reasons this fight took so long to go down was because Mayweather and Pacquiao could not agree on terms of blood testing before the fight. At one point, Manny was accused of taking performance enhancing drugs and Floyd wanted strict blood testing to be done going into this fight. I think the fact that she brought that up while exiting the MGM Grand could definitely spark some great debates about how that could have possible factored into Pacquiao losing this fight.


Source: TMZ Sports