IFWT_Floyd Manny

Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquaio was supposed to be the fight of the century but many were left feeling underwhelmed.  Later it was revealed that Pacquaio was fighting with an injured shoulder and will have surgery for a significant torn rotator cuff (same injury as Kobe Bryant).  So maybe that’s why Pacquiao wasn’t his usual self?  Was it Mayweather’s exquisite defense or was Pacquiao not attacking because of his shoulder injury?  Well it looks like we’ll have a chance to find out because Mayweather has reportedly agreed to a rematch.

Stephen A. Smith appeared on ESPN’s First Take this morning and said Floyd Mayweather texted him and confirmed he would give Manny Pacquaio a rematch after his shoulder healed.  The healing time is estimated at about 9-12 months which means the rematch could happen around the same time next year.

It would be big considering it would be Floyd’s 50th fight if he also fights in September of this year, which he said he would.  To go out  50-0 would help cement Mayweather as the The Best Ever or TBE as he calls it.  Though he initially said he wouldn’t have a rematch, the possible money and accolade the fight would bring is probably too much to pass up.

Some people claim they aren’t interested due to the lackluster first fight but remember when we said we didn’t want to see #MayPac 1 because it should’ve happened years ago?

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