U.S. Open - Fourth Round

2015 has been a somewhat tough year for Tiger Woods. After taking some time off to allow his bad back to heal, Woods came back and struggled mightily, playing some of the worse golf in his career. Well now Tiger has another burden to deal with, as his 3-year relationship with olympian skier, Lindsay Vonn, came to an end after they announced the break-up on Sunday. Tiger admits to taking it hard, alongside with the anniversary of his fathers death also arriving.


Ever since his well-publicized affair that ended his marriage a couple of years ago, Tiger Woods has never seemed able to bounce-back in to form. Woods has not won a major-championship since that time, and has encountered various injuries to his back and knee that has caused him to miss time and under-go surgery.

Off the golf course, Woods did seem to be enjoying himself with his relationship with Lindsay Vonn and seen spending time with his kids. Woods was known as having a very close relationship with his father and was devastated when he passed nine-years ago, and sunday marked the 9th year anniversary of his death, alongside with Woods and Vonn announcing the sudden split. Woods admits to taking it a bit hard:

“It is tough, there’s no doubt,” Woods said Tuesday morning after a nine-hole practice round. “I’m not going to lie about that. It is tough. And on top of that, this time of year is really, really hard on me.

“This three-day window is really hard. I haven’t slept these three days, May 3rd and through the 5th, today, is just brutal on me. And then with obviously what happened on Sunday, it just adds to it.”

Woods hopes to regain ground, as he’ll play his first tournament since finishing 17th in last month’s masters.