Hillary Clinton’s popularity is slipping in a new Wall Street Journal poll released today.

Clinton is the number one Democractic candidate, but recent polls have revealed that her popularity has gone down. According to a Wall Street Journal poll, 42% of Americans have a negative view on Clinton. That number is a 6% increase from a similar poll that was taken in March. However, Hillary is still holding the tourch for popularity among Democratic voters, as 75% of the party still favor Clinton over other candidates.

Despite Hillary’s fall in popularity she is still ahead of Gov. Jeb Bush, who is the top candidate for the Republican Party. The Clinton campaign has taken a hit recently as Hillary’s numbers have also dropped in other categories such as honesty and trustworthiness. Hillary recently gave a speech at Columbia University addressing the country’s racial issues. She went in depth on the very issues that has the nation divided. Could this have played a role in the dip, what do you think?

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