Volkswagen has announced that it is going to be offering technology to pair your Apple watch with your car. The Car-Net Service will allow drivers to access a multitude of specs on their vehicle. Volkswagen has also included a feature that lets you track the speed of whoever is driving the vehicle. Read more to see what else you can control via your Apple Watch

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Volkswagen is joining the Apple Watch wagon and offering an awesome access to their vehicles via the apple watch. Features such as remote control of climate settings, checking if you left your windows open and fuel/battery monitoring are all available from iOS and Android apps. Users can see if their car’s doors are locked or unlocked, to remotely lock and unlock the car and to check whether the doors, the windows and even the sunroof are opened or closed. Those who cant remember where they parked can use a feature to geo locate their car wherever it is and have the car flash its light and beep its horns to further help you locate your vehicle.Those who drive the all-electric e-Golf will be able to use the app to check how much juice is left in the battery, see how many miles they can drive before having to top up, turn the charging process on and off and access climate control features.

The feature that will most likely get a lot of attention from parents is speed and boundary alerts on your wrist. You can set a certain speed limit alert on via Car-net and your apple watch that alerts you when the car goes over a certain speed. You can also set boundary alerts which let you pre determine a specific area the car is allowed to drive in. If the car drives beyon the designated boundary area you receive an alert. This is ideal for parents with teen drivers who want to monitor their actions and make sure they are obeying the rules of the road

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