IFWT_Ambers revenge

Ahh, when that liquor wears off and you finally sober up and begin to recall your drunk night? Yup, I think we have all been there once or twice. Ok Ok, maybe three times! Amber Rose seems to be no different according to her latest Instagram post. Click more to see the post!

The morning after. Remember the gag order that Kanye and Amber supposedly have arranged after their fling? Me either and it looks like Amber forgot about it as well. Earlier, #IFWT reported about Amber Rose spazzing on the DJ at a SupperClub event in LA for playing too much Kanye. Amber went on to say that Travi$ Scott is responsible for writing many Kanye hits–damn that is a bold statement to make–and insisted that the DJ play more Travi$ hits.

Obviously after seeing the blogs going crazy about the allegations she made about Kanye and his writing, Amber had to do a little bit of back peddling. Amber took to Instagram and basically said she had way too much to drink and did not realize what she was saying. Amber captioned her picture saying, “Lol note to self Amber~ when ur shit faced off the Crown an coke stfu it’s not cute,” but I say, she probably recalled that gag order and needed to clear things up before she was hit with that lawsuit for those M’s ( who is to say that is still won’t happen).

Ironically though, Travi$ Scott was on the stage with Amber when she made the comments but he declined to interrupt her rant. Hmm, that in itself speaks volumes if you ask me. Whether or not it is true though, we cannot deny that Kanye is a musical genius and besides that, everyone gets some sort of help when writing music, right?


Source: @AmberRose