Let the scare tactics continue. Seems like the Ebola Epidemic took a backseat for a while but it may be back to the forefront after new developments arise in the United States. Click more to read the full story.

A fight that almost ended his life, Dr. Ian Crozier of Atlanta was said to have defeated the virus back in October of 2014. Doctors at Emory University saw that his blood was Ebola free and although the virus can linger in semen for sometime, they thought he was in good enough condition to be released.

After experiencing fading eye sight and pain in his eyes, Dr. Crozier decided to check back into a hospital and here is where it was discovered that the virus was hiding in his eyes. At this point, “cures” are holding no validity because patients in West Africa that were deemed to be Ebola free are now experiencing similar issues. The virus has even taken affect to Dr. Crozier’s appearance as his eye have changed from blue to green, his joint movement is lacking, and he often experiences heavy fatigue.

Unfortunately, much is not known about the virus and what it takes to fully cure it and that leaves us, the general public, hanging in the balance. Definitely some scary stuff when you take a look back at the epidemic from recent months but I hope the CDC is able to contain these developments before another outbreak occurs.


Source: NY Times