A 19 year old woman from Morocco tried to smuggle an 8 year old boy into Spain. She stuffed him inside of a hot pink suitcase but going through the X-ray scanner stopped that plan right in it’s tracks.
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On Thursday, border control agents discovered a small child when his body was outlined by the X-ray scanner. As the young woman was entering the check point, she seemed extremely nervous and reluctant to cross the border from Morocco to Ceuta. A Civil Guard police spokeman stated “The operator noticed something strange, which seemed to be a person inside the case.” The guards quickly unzipped the bag and that’s where they saw an 8 year old boy inside, he told the agents his name is Abou and was from Africa’s Ivory Coast.

What makes this story strange is that the woman wasn’t even related to the boy. She was arrested on the spot. About 2 hours later, Abou’s father crossed that same border and was arrested as well. He is originally from the Ivory Coast but he now live’s in Spain’s Canary Islands. El Pais reported that the father, who is not identified, was recently denied for family reunification.

Police believe that he paid the young woman to smuggle his son into Spain, but he doesn’t know why she packed him into a suitcase. Abou is being held in Spanish child protective services.

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