Trinidad James is doing everything he can to stay relevant. After being dropped from Def Jam last year, the Atlanta rapper has basically reevaluated his career and has decided to take it into a new direction. James got lucky after Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars sampled his infamous lyric from “All Gold Everything” for their chart-topping hit “Uptown Funk.” Now he’s focused on reviving his career with a new book that will show the fans another side of him. Find out what he’s got planned after the jump!

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Trinidad James is planning to show the world where his roots truly lie in his new book “Trips to Trinidad.” James has always claimed Atlanta as his home here in America. However, some may not known that his family’s ancestry is deeply rooted in the slums of Trinidad & Tobago. In his book, James detailed the first time he went back to celebrate Carnival in 2012. He also speaks about his family and how they live their lives in Laventile aka “Hell Town.”

“This book is dedicated to the Laventile projects,” James said in a video for the book. “It’s dedicated to joyful day [Carnival] and so that the people will have something to know that we can’t lose that joy.”

Trinidad James said that he returns to his native homeland every year for Carnival and travels with Bang ‘Em Smurf, a former G-Unit affiliate. The book will cover his experiences there and will include photos of his family and other places in Laventile. James offers a very peaceful but raw perspective of his family’s rich culture. You can cop the book here and check out the video in support of the book below.