It has been said in the past that a team cannot win a championship by solely surviving off the three point shot. Another saying out there is that defense will when your team a championship! With that being said, the Warriors are an elite three point shooting team and the Memphis Grizzlies are an elite defensive team. Click more to read the full story!

In game 3 of the Western Conference playoffs, the Golden State Warriors found themselves losing to the Memphis Grizzlies for the second time in a row. The defense of the Memphis Grizzlies was nothing short of great in this game and this is definitely on the parts of Michael Conley and Tony Allen.

The Warrior’s MVP Steph Curry was contained for most of this game by the defensive wiz in Tony Allen as well as Conley. Ironically though, in a post game interview, Warrior’s coach Steve Kerr actually defended his team in saying they needed to be more effective offensively; but, he did not that the Grizzlies defense was what ultimately caused his offense to lack.

After containing Klay Thompson in game 2 and Curry in game 3, the Warriors have literally been stopped in their tracks after consecutive losses. In the words of Charles Barkley, “You live by the three ball, you die by the three ball,” and he is going on to be proven correct so far in this series. Are the Warriors in trouble? Not quite yet but they should definitely be concerned.

Initiating a player like David Lee, which Steve Kerr has not done, will definitely boost the Golden State’s offensive flow because he can get to the paint and score as well as working off of the Curry decoy in which he can hit mid-range shots. Steve Kerr should definitely consider upping the size on the floor and staying away from the small ball, for now, this way they can compete in the painted area.


Source: SB Nation