Kanye wins mother’s day challenge by a long shot. All day celebrities have been celebrating Mother’s day and showing love to their mothers and the mothers of their children. Nick Cannon flaunted his adorable mother all morning long via Instagram . Four pictures later he finally posted a picture of the lovely mother of his child Mariah. (Check Gallery for Photos) That was cute but continue reading to see how Kanye wins mother’s day challenge.

I was expecting to go find some lavish extravagant pictures of Beyonce’s mother’s day gifts but ehh, all she did was post a pic of her mother and her along side her and blu , proving to us blu ivy is her twin!. Kim Kardashian let the world know just how lucky of a wife and mom she is. Proud to be with Kanye West, she first posted a picture of the first gift. Her caption stated as she got back to her hotel room in Brazil it was literally covered with thousands and thousands of roses. With the disadvantage still Kanye wins mother’s day challenge since they couldn’t be together on this holiday.

To finish it all off, Mrs. West posts a picture sitting at a restaurant in Sao Paulo and there was a string quartet playing Sam smith , her favorite. Kanye wins Mother Day challenge not only with the hint of Sam Smith tunes, but he had another surprise. Each and every single time the waiter brought out food to Kim they had to say “This is from mr. West for the best mother in the world. How adorable is that, even from miles away he made sure she felt special. When you’re Kanye west you can do things like that. Stating she had the best husband in the world Kimmy is a happy wife this mothers day.

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