Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) greets Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (28) after  their NFL football game in Arlington, Texas,  on November 03, 2013.  Dallas won the game 27-23. (Michael Ainsworth/The Dallas Morning News)

The Dallas Cowboys and Adrian Peterson have shown mutual interest in each other but the Minnesota Vikings have made it clear that they have no intent on trading him.  If they were to trade him, the asking price would be super high and the Cowboys aren’t willing to pony up.  With DeMarco Murray gone, Dez Bryant was asked how he would feel about bringing Peterson in.  Bryant says his game is gonna be on point regardless but he would LOVE to have Peterson on the field with him

Dez Bryant + Adrian Peterson = TOTAL DOMINATION, so says Dez who tells TMZ Sports he thinks it would be something “very special” if AP somehow signed with the Dallas Cowboys.

Bryant was leaving The Palm in Bev Hills last night when he said the two would be an unstoppable duo if they were on the field together, but says he ultimately doesn’t think Peterson’s current team would let him go.

“The Vikings not lettin’ that happen, ’cause if they did … the league would know what would happen.”

Bryant was also asked about DeflateGate and noted that the Patriots are the Super Bowl champs and everybody needs to let the whole deflated balls story go.

He was also asked about “The Catch” in the NFC Championship game.  He maintains that it was indeed a catch and overturning the call was the only way for the Cowboys to lose.  Bryant also says he’s moved on from the situation.

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