Game 5 between The Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls did not end in a buzzer-beater, but was not void of excitement at the least bit. Another back and forth contest saw the Cavaliers come away with the win, but that came after Bulls forward, Taj Gibson, was ejected from the game for kicking the Cav’s point-guard Matthew Dellavadova.


With Pau Gasol out with a hamstring injury, the Bulls can not afford to lose any more of their big men.

Early in the forth quarter, Taj Gibson was accessed a flagrant 2 foul after kicking Dellavadova while the Cav’s point guard was on the floor.

Looking closer at the video, Chris Webber points out that Dellavadova may have irritated Gibson in to kicking him, after it appears that Dellavadova grabs Gibson’s leg while he tries to get off the ground.

Seems Dellavadova get Gibson to retaliate and the referee’s only saw Gibson’s kick, prompting them to eject him from the game.

The ejection proved to be costly as the Bulls came with in 3-points down the stretch but could not over come the hump.

Check out the video: