Republican U.S. presidential candidate Carson officially launches bid for the Republican presidential nomination in Detroit

Republican candidate Ben Carson has made it a point to focus on the poor and lower-income population of America. While other candidates aim for numbers and middle class voters, Carson plans to connect with the lower classes of society because he can personally relate to the struggle. Find out more about Carson’s proposals after the jump!

Before the retired neurosurgeon made his claim to fame, Ben Carson came from a life of poverty.

“I grew up very poor. Poor people have pride.”

He has come up with a ‘flat tax’ proposal that includes all classes paying taxes. Putting an end to the assumptions and stereotypical suggestions that lower income families cannot pay taxes. Ben says he finds it “condescending”.

“There’s real life experience, and there’s politics. There are some good people in the political arena, but I’m not sure that they actually, in many cases, understand real life.”

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Source: Fox News