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Quarterback Jameis Winston was extremely successful on the field at FSU but off the field he faced tons of controversy.  From something as serious as a rape allegation to something as simple as allegedly stealing crab legs from Publix.  Legendary Florida State coach Bobby Bowden was on the Paul Finebaum Show Tuesday afternoon and he had some interesting words to describe the feelings about Famous Jameis.

Finebaum: Jameis Winston, many people thought he was an embarrassment to your great university of Florida State. He won the Heisman, won a national championship, he was the No. 1 player chosen (in the NFL draft), but the controversy never seemed to leave him, including on the day he was selected, he was sitting there in Bessemer, Ala. on one of the greatest nights of his life and he flashes the crab legs. What are your thoughts on Jameis Winston?

Bowden: I think it’s a consensus among Florida State fans and boosters that he was an embarrassment in a lot of ways to the university. He won a lot of ball games, probably one of the best football players that ever attended Florida State, but he hurt himself off the field. The good news is that he’s young enough to get over that, ya know it? And he’s gotta do that. But he just can’t make those junior high school decisions that he made while he was in college.

The question was leading so the word “embarrassment” was almost inevitably used.  Also Bowden said the “consensus” was that Winston was an embarrassment, he didn’t say he personally felt that way.  Plus as Bowden said, the good news is that he’s young and now knows he needs to make better decisions.

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Source: USA Today